About us

VERTU ~ noun
1. a love or taste for curios or objets d'art
2. productions of art especially of a curious or antique nature

Manon Vertu is a marketplace of thoughtfully curated decorative home and lifestyle goods. Launched by Manon Michel, a graphic designer born in NYC to Haitian immigrants, Manon grew up in a ridiculously creative, multi-cultural family, and has always dreamed of bringing her designs to the masses. She believes in the beauty, necessity, and accessibility of the arts, especially that of an inclusive history.

Our products are unique collections created on-demand — meaning when you order one of our products, it is created after you order it, just for you. This makes our business eco-friendly and sustainable — we make exactly the amount needed. Good for us, good for the environment.

We hope that by doing our part to save the planet, and bringing the arts to you with these vibrant, functional items, that we bring joy, and lesser known historic iconography, to your home and lifestyle.